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2015 Pan Am Daily Update- December 29

Message from Ron Carner, Maccabi USA President

Wow. They did it again! The Chileans reached another level of accomplishment with one of the best Opening Ceremonies performances of my thirty years as a part of the Maccabi Movement. The high level of emotion coupled with the use of technology actually brought many of us to tears. The leadership of Lazaro Calderon and Alvaro Rosenblut has reinforced my belief that they and their team will reach the level of organization that they reached twelve years ago when they stepped in, with short notice, and rescued the Pan American Maccabi Games in 2003 after they had to be moved from Venezuela. What a great pleasure for Team USA to work with them. 

As to Team USA, I must comment on the hard work and dedication of our General Chair of the USA Pan American Maccabi Games Organizing, Lou Moyerman.  From the beginning, Lou has stepped up to make sure that we were well organized and that we reached our participation goals needed to aid our Chilean hosts athletic competition goals. Our team of almost 400 has added greatly to this goal. 

Of course, our professional staff in Philadelphia was and will continue to be an essential component for everything we do. 

In addition, I look forward to meeting and spending time with our over 350 supporters who have joined us and our athletes. Informing them of who we are and what we do is essential to our role as leaders of the outstanding Maccabi Movement. GO TEAM USA !

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Ron Carner, President, Maccabi USA

Team USA Results

Today's competitions: Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Chess, Golf, Gymnastics, Judo, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis & Volleyball

The results for certain games/competitions are not available, as they have not been reported. To report results and ensure that they are published, you can email Sam Balaban-Feld at or send them through text message to 847-997-3214. Once received, we will update the results pages as soon as possible!

Maccabi USA Apparel Sale

Maccabi USA apparel will be available for sale starting tomorrow, December 30, at the Hyatt Santiago hospitality desk! Hours are from 8am - 10am and 4pm - 6pm.

#TeamUSA Schedules

Follow this link to save the #TeamUSA sports schedules to your devices!

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