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2015 Pan Am Daily Update- December 28

Message from the #TeamUSA Flagbearers

Team USA's three flagbearers at the Opening Ceremony, Lauren Greenberg, Dallen Stanford & Adam Moyerman, all spoke briefly about their experiences leading the United States into the stadium. Their words are below (as pictured from left to right).

Lauren Greenberg: "It has been such an incredible experience so far. Being able to walk into a stadium full of tons of people from a bunch of different countries who are all here for one reason; we all have the same culture and heritage, was absolutely incredible. To be honored to carry the flag in is an experience of its own. I want to thank everybody who allowed us to come together for an opportunity like this, and thank you so much to Maccabi USA and the entire delegation. It's definitely been a one of a kind experience."

Dallen Stanford: "Leading Team USA into the stadium for the Pan American Maccabi Games was a huge honor. It was unbelievable to represent the USA, and the atmosphere was just electric, very tough to describe. Whether or not you take home the medal, the friendships you make, both with your teammates and your opponents, are very special. Thank you to the organization for all that you do and how you help bring our Jewish heritage around the world."

Adam Moyerman: "Coming in is just pretty amazing, especially with the USA crowd on the right, in a way getting more emotion from them. Carrying the flag was one of the best honors I could ever get. It's a real honor to represent the team here and the USA and Maccabi USA's athletes and staff. What a prvielege, it really meant a lot to me."



Opening Ceremony 

OC 1.jpg OC 2.jpg

#TeamUSA Results

Today's competitions: Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Chess, Field Hockey, Futsal, Gymnastics, Rugby, Soccer, SwimmingTennis.

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