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2015 EMG Daily Update- August 4

Message from Ellie Gottdenker & Josie Berman, Juniors Girls' Swimmers

Hi! Our names are Ellie Gottdenker and Josie Berman, and our experience at this year's European games has been nothing short of life changing. Walking into a stadium built by the Nazi regime 70 years ago was as moving as it was significant. 
Since the opening ceremony, our experience at the games has been one of unique opportunities. We have the ability to walk into a dining hall full of Jewish athletes from over 30 counties and sit with any of them. In addition to meeting all of our new friends, the competition has been fantastic.
We are both members of the USA Juniors Swim Team, and our team has collected a total of 45 medals! While both of us had personal successes in the pool, the more lasting success was found in the experiences that we shared.
Before the games, we were just two Jewish swimmers living across the country from each other. Now, we have created a unique friendship that will unite us- and 2500 other Jewish athletes- for many years to come. 

Ellie Gottdenker & Josie Berman, Juniors Girls' Swimming Team

Team USA Results

Today's competitions: BasketballChess, Dressage, Soccer, Table Tennis & Water Polo.

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