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2015 EMG Daily Update- July 28

Message from Ron Carner, Maccabi USA President

Let the Games begin. And they did even before the Opening Ceremony, in order to gain time for the competition schedule.  

On Tuesday, Maccabi USA supporters started the evening at a biergarten, where we were joined by USA Ambassador to Germany, John Emerson, and his lovely family.  He spoke about the German government’s efforts to combat the growing anti-Semitism as it also acknowledges the horrors of the Holocaust. On his end, he has been involved in facilitating Jewish claims to art works.

The opening ceremony that followed was another milestone in Jewish history, especially the Jewish history in Germany. It took place in an outdoor arena adjacent to the stadium where Hitler had once banned Jews from participating. Against the backdrop of a stage dominated by a lighted Star-of-David, close to thirty teams of Europeans and supporting nations marched in. The entertainment, technical, and fireworks were beautifully displayed.  

That is when the president of President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, welcomed the participants. “Maccabi is coming home,” he said, and spoke of the symbolic significance of Jewish athletes from all over the world choosing this country and this city, where Maccabi had originally started, to stage the 2015 European Maccabi Games. “There is a piece of Jewish history in every corner of Berlin. Every corner reminds Germans of their shame,” he added as he reminded the audience that the first Maccabi club had been established in Germany and then spread to other places. Today, he said, Germany’s neighbors are watching the Maccabi Games and are taking interest in this show of courage.

The significance of the event was underlined by the presence of the descendants of Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, Jewish American athletes who arrived in 1936 as part of the USA Olympic team. They were denied the right to compete by the well known anti-Semetic President of the U.S. Olympic Team, Avery Brundage, in order to not offend Hitler. At the suggestion of Maccabi USA, Ann Stoller delivered the torch to Nancy Glickman, who proudly lit the torch to begin the Games while wearing her father’s 1936 Olympic track shirt. It was a fitting and moving moment.

The only negative about the evening was that the speeches were too long, mostly in German, with limited translation.  However, the remarks by Moti Tischauer, President of the Maccabi European Confederation were poignant.  He declared "Zero tolerance for anti-Semitism in Germany, in Europe, and everywhere".

I want to thank Tonja Magerman, General Chairperson of Team USA, for her hard work and devotion to this project.


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Ron Carner, President, Maccabi USA

Team USA Results

Today's competitions: Basketball, Field Hockey & Tennis. (Tennis results are not currently available, but we will update them as soon as we get them.)

Missing Credentials Update

We realize that a number of you attending the Games in Berlin have not received a Games Credential, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you.  Although we are not clear as to what the delay is in producing these, we do know that we will not have them tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29. Please bring identification with you when you visit a sporting venue and you will be able to attend your sporting event(s) of choice.  If we are able to get the missing credentials from the Games Organizers, we will communicate that with you via these daily email updates

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